Fashion is an outward expression of self.
Dresses are an ultimate display of feminine beauty and grace.
What is your idea of a beautiful dress?

Our Philosophy

We, at Galina Couture, aim to give your imagination a new life in the form of artistic fashion.

We provide custom-designed dresses individualised to your needs, whether its wedding gowns or day-to-day wear, with customised dresses that are truly and solely yours.

Be in the height of fashion luxury with our limited edition collection where we merge art and fashion into indulgent creations.

Galina Mihaleva

Galina Mihaleva grew up with a passion for fashion and art; she studied costume design at Arizona State University and the Arts School in Sofia with a Masters of Art degree specializing in fashion and textiles. Her interest in fashion lies in exploring the extent to which we experience fashion and how we might be able to accomplish a higher state of connectivity between the body and our clothing.

Her art has been shown in festivals, galleries and museums across United States, Asia, Central and South America and Europe. In 2007 she was nominated for the best design award at Cooper- Hewitt Design Museum.

Beyond in-depth analysis of cultural values she combines traditional tailoring methods while developing and using new materials and innovative construction processes. Unbound by the old rules, Galina now offers her work as a testimony to the power of beauty and expression, and to the transcendent human spirit. She regards her works as being timeless.

Lastest Updates


Over at Galina Couture,the dresses are created by understanding how they fit on the body, how the wearer feel and how they look on the wearer. Each dress is being created using exquisite detailing, flattering pattern cutting techniques and finest fabrics. We are constantly exploring and developing new possibilities. Here you will find some selected examples of our work.




From scratch to creation, it presents a second to none experience, where you are the key element in the creation of the dress. The whole process typically starts by understanding you as the wearer, listening to your stories, inspirations and dreams, and getting to know your personality, character and body. A new pattern of the dress will then be made, taking into consideration of every subtle differences of your body.


Choose from our exclusive range of patterns and dresses, and we will modify them to fit your measurements with a touch of personality. Make an appointment to visit our boutique in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Redesign and Alterations

We offer alterations, hemming, resizing, restoration, redesign and finishings for gowns and dresses for your perfect occasion

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